July 10, 2017


have you got an amazing project containing a strong innovative aspect?

A strong citizen-centric focus?

Organized by Paris&Co, The Grand Prizes of Innovation of the city of Paris support the development of the Ile-de-France region innovative companies in high-growth sectors, and reward those contributing, through their innovation, in improving on the city life and in developing the Parisian economic fabric.

This year, the Paris Living City Awards’category gives the opportunity  to non-French startups  to apply.

What is the Paris Living City Awards about ?

The living city concept brings back the human being to the heart of the city.

Any project with a strong innovative aspect and / or a strong citizen-centric focus should apply.

Only non-French startups in the followings segments are invited to apply:
# Energy transition in cities

# Education & Community involvement in urban areas

# Smart urban planning
# Sharing economy & Sharing city

# Collaborative solutions

# Sustainable Logistics...

June 28, 2017

Vivatech is over after 3 days of celebrating innovation and technology! One week later, everyone talks about the visit of President Emmanuel Macron at the event, but what you should keep in remember is the broad future for innovation, which was celebrated by more than 50 000 people these days in Paris. Among the 50 represented countries, Israel was present with more than 150 start-ups who subscribed for the challenges and conferences and who could benefit of the presence of 1000 investors, 7000 CEOs, and 400 interveners.

To read more about the event, check the Globes’ article: http://www.globes.co.il/en/article-hot-in-paris-1001193248 

June 28, 2017

The last event of STMicroelectronics, a French-Italian company, was a success for the company and the participants, who could either present their technologies or learn more about the current state of innovation. For this special event, the French Ambassador, Helene Le Gal, had the occasion to test a new self-driving car which can see in the dark, to discover the brand new technologies presented by STMicroelectronics and, to finish with, she was invited to assist to a pitch session by innovative start-ups and to award a price to one of the start-ups pitching: TeinT.

Some picture of this special day:


June 18, 2017

ST Israel is organizing an « IoT and Smart Driving Summit » with their management staff, on June 21st in LAGO Rishon LeZion. The team of the French economical department of the Embassy will be attending to this special event.

To do the same, register here.

June 14, 2017

Vivatech is one of the biggest annual event for game changers and will take place in Paris in June, 15th-17th with more than 50.000 visitors and 5.000 start-ups attending. Some of the events offering the opportunity to build a useful network are committed to the theme of the French-Israeli relationship, with the presence of the ambassadors of both countries.

Check everything here.

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